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Standard Fee (Per Year) - £9,750 (plus VAT where applicable)


TTC offers a range of private, government funding and support options across our range of courses.


Government Funding

We are able to offer RSL Level 3 Qualifications with LEAD Education as part of our course for 16 - 18 year olds. This is a fully funded government qualification for 19 hours per week, which will cover 50% of our full time course cost. Level 4 & above courses may be eligible for Advanced Learner Loans. These work in a similar way to a student loan, and are government provided loans which are paid back once a learner reaches the income threshold in later life. Loan eligibility is not income dependant, and there are no credit checks required. Enrolment on these courses will also allow access to bursaries & hardship funds.

Private Funding

We offer a strictly limited amount our own in-house full and partial scholarships. These are awarded based on talent demonstrated in the audition process. These are offered at the digression of the Principal, and apply to the core course fee’s only.

Hardship Funding

We appreciate that especially in the current climate, meeting the costs of training can be a challenge. Therefore we have a range of payment plans and options to help spread costs. We encourage open and honest communication with regards to financial situations, and will work with any application to help find solutions to financial barriers.

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